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Protect what you love

Real beauty shines for ever. At Intermobel, we carefully select the best raw materials and finishes so your outdoor furniture can withstand the harshest weather conditions. But there is nothing wrong with some tender love and care before they embark on their long winter beauty sleep. To maintain and protect your Intermobel pieces, we’ve developed a series of products that will guarantee their extended lifespan and your carefree enjoyment for many years to come.

Get winterized!

In autumn, one must prepare for the winter ahead. Even furniture that won’t be exposed to the bitter chill of winter deserve (y)our proper attention. That’s why we’ve developed a special range of maintenance products to give your Intermobel pieces a proper polish. Just like a revitalizing facial scrub, our care line products wash away the last traces of summer. Available in 6 ready to use kits with all necessary products and accessories, we offer a solution for every material or surface.

Elegant off-season storage

You love your product , so why tuck it away all season? Our protective covers are so easy to apply and remove, you’ll be able to uncover your Intermobel pieces in a matter of minutes so you can enjoy a warm cup of tea on an unexpected crisp and sunny afternoon.

We offer an appropriate soft cover solution for almost every collection, toensure the best stain- and water-repelling protection. Thanks to their antifungal properties, they also prevent mold growth. There are covers available for separate pieces of furniture and tabletops. Maybe have one custom-made to cover up your chosen Intermobel sofa set in full.


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