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Cleo soft


It is a composition of objects that can be arranged in multiple layouts but always maintaining a sense of calm, elegance and simplicity. The lightness of the aluminium, the modernity of the vitter surfaces and the surprising elegance of the upholstery are combined with a new soft cushioning that is very welcoming and comfortable, creating a new line that perfectly suits any style or outdoor space.

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The “Cleo” collection is defined by the sizes, shapes and attention to detail. Particularly noteworthy are the lightness of the aluminium and the ultra modernity provided by the Vitter surfaces. The touch of elegance offered by its upholstery and new, extremely soft and comfortable cushions are other aspects to highlight. This is always a good solution for any outdoor space providing a sense of calm and simplicity.

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Marco Acerbis

Born in 1973 Marco Acerbis graduates in architecture from Politecnico di Milano in 1998. From 1997 to 2004 he lives in London where he works with Lord Norman Foster’s Studio. Over these years he collaborates on the construction of an eight storey high Medical Research Building at the Imperial College Campus in London. He then becomes Project Architect for Capital City Academy, a 250 meter long High School building for 1400 students which was opened by Tony Blair.