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Salinas Outdoor sofas & lounges


The Salinas collection is inspired by the natural region of Ibiza. A project in which we wanted to bring the refinement typical of the indoor world outdoors, increasingly shortening the distance between the two environments and bringing them into continuity. The collection consists of sofas and armchairs in which the textile component is predominant. The padded belt and the precious metal details, visible in the ends of the backrests, give the collection charm and timeless elegance.

Salinas Muebles terraza y jardín | Mallorca | Intermobel

Modular sofa


The modular sofa from the Salinas collection gives charm and refinement to the outdoor environment. Thanks to the predominant textile component, it offers continuity between indoor and outdoor. The natural colors of the various elements of the sofa, make up a color range inspired by the region of Salinas, Ibiza. The soft design of the cushions combined with metal details, give rise to a striking composition that expresses timeless elegance.

Muebles terraza y jardín | Mallorca | Intermobel

Living Armchair


The living armchair of the Salinas collection has an elegant design, in which the textile component is predominant. The use of the padded strap creates a compositional game that embellishes the metal details and highlights the soft lines of the cushions. Thanks to the refined style, it gives charm to the outdoor environment.

Muebles terraza y jardín | Mallorca | Intermobel

Accoya Dining table


The Salinas dining table has a refined design that exploits the raw material and highlights the texture of the wood. It gives the external environment in which it is inserted charm and elegance, recalling the atmosphere of Salinas, naturalistic region of Ibiza, from which it takes inspiration. The three central columns that support the table recall the classic world.

Muebles terraza y jardín | Mallorca | Intermobel



The bench of the Salinas collection expresses elegance and refinement through the wise chromatic game created by fabrics, belts and precious metal details. The colors of the sand and the sea of Salinas, in Ibiza, give the outdoor environment a timeless charm.

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