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Leaf Collection

Leaf is a collection inspired by nature, with which the outdoor world is in constant dialogue.

LEAF COLLECTION. Outdoor furniture Intermobel Mallorca

The lightness of a flower's petals and their elegance have been the incipit for a new collection where the careful but generous proportions are combined with the comfort of cushions of great softness and sensuality.

The feet are slender and slim to create a strong sense of suspension of the sofa cushions that seem to float in the air like a flower on its stalk. All these details and sensations are then naturally carried over into the development of the entire collection, which includes the table, coffee tables, chairs and sun lounger.

The design of the Leaf collection is enhanced and embellished with materials such as aluminum and Vitter. While aluminium gives elegance and lightness to the structure, Vitter wisely gives modernness to the surfaces..

LEAF COLLECTION. Outdoor furniture Intermobel Mallorca

It is a versatile material without formaldehyde emission (an harfmul gas), this means that Vitter is not only an ecological material but is also suitable for applications where contact with food and antibacterial properties are required.

Very high impact and scratch resistance, waterproofness, durability and compactness are some of the exclusive features of Vitter.


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