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Design: Paolo Cattelan

The Napoleon family of tables comes in numerous versions to meet the most varied aesthetic needs and optimally furnish a modern dining room.The central base has been produced using a cutting-edge ceramic modelling technique, which marks the boundary between before and after on the spectrum of possible outcomes offered by this ever more flexible material. This is the first appearance, in fact, of curved slabs in the Keramik collection, sculpted to create bases for ceramic tables with gracefully curved shapes and rounded edges.

Tables with a central Napoleon base are joined by two perfectly symmetrical hubs. One detail is noticeable on the short side of the plinth: the recessed vertical groove covered in ceramic, which breaks up the otherwise uniform surface. The result is a modern ceramic table that embodies a new contemporary aesthetic, combining classic finishes inspired by natural marble with previously unseen production techniques.

This model can be finished all over, i.e. with base and top in ceramic: in the Napoleon Keramik or Napoleon Keramik Premium versions. The latter features a broad, hand-brushed decorative edging. Alternatively, you can opt for the Napoleon Wood wooden table, which has a ceramic base and a top made of fine wood.

Table with top and base in ceramic Marmi matt Portoro (KM07), Colosseo (KM21) or matt Invisible (KM24). The top is laid on the base. Imperfections, colour variations and irregularities on the base are characteristics of the workmanship and are not to be considered defects.


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