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Create your luxurious outdoor space

April heralds the return of open-air enjoyment. Budding blossoms and sapphire skies take your tea time to the terrace. Meanwhile, the lingering daylight calls for family festivities in the garden lounge. No need to leave luxury behind: our collections make sure your outdoor merriment is showered with spring-proof sophistication.

Muebles de terraza y jardín en mallorca

Perfect for every occasion

From elegant dining areas to charming patios: our furniture has the versatility you’re yearning for. Zendo Sense combines comfort and class in various lounge arrangements – intimate, grand, and everything in between. Or find flexibility in Sunrise: refined sleekness to elevate both your dinners and balcony-bound coffee sips. Even better: combine your most beloved pieces from different collections to create your desired look.

Colección sofás exterior Mallorca