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George Collection

Design Ludovica + Roberto Palomba


George is a new collection with clean and elegant lines designed by the Palomba and Serafini studio. Presented in preview for the 2022 catalogue, the George collection confirms the constant research and experimentation of Talenti in the outdoor world.

The George collection is able to enhance, in every element, innovative processing techniques, quality materials, balance of volumes and proportions. The elegance, originality and comfort of the collection are the result of a long research, craftsmanship and a far-sighted choice in combining different and polyvalent materials.

"The George sofa thanks to a very large seating system allows you to easily relate to others in very relaxed and unconventional positions"

Ludovica Serafini

The enveloping design and the comfort of the seat,contrast with the strength of the stainless steel uprights of the structure, which remain visible beyond the intertwining of the slightly padded belt that forms the backrest.

The George collection consists of sofas, armchairs and sunbed. It is then completed by the elements of the dining line: chairs, which can be closed thanks to a game of joints between the ropes, tables and coffee tables in which, even here, it is possible to notice the perfect balance between materials and design, it is in fact possible to combine with the bright stainless steel structure tops in Accoya wood or lava stone.


Stainless steel is the protagonist of every single element of the George project.

Steel is a technologically advanced material and in the field of outdoor furniture and design products it reaches unique peaks of refinement and aesthetic quality.

The performance of the stainless steel alloy is in fact an absolute excellence for design products dedicated to the external environment.

Stainless steel is renowned for its resistance to corrosion, strength, durability, ease of maintenance and for its resistanceto stress and thermal expansion, important elements in the design and choice of outdoor furniture



Stainless steel is a metal alloy with extraordinary properties in terms of resistance; in fact, there is a massive presence of chromium inside. This composition prevents stainless steel from rusting and corroding if it is exposed to water and air.

In fact, by oxidizing with oxygen,chromium is transformed, giving life to chromium oxide.

The chromium oxideadheres to the stainless steel product to be made, preventing further oxidation and therefore corrosion from forming.

Stainless steel enhances the most minimal and pure elegance, for who love to experience aesthetics en plen air without sacrificing functionality.

The balanced combination of steel with quality materials such as Accoya or lava stone creates unique and particular atmospheres which are in perfect harmony with the Talenti style and its aim to mix different materials to create performing productsoutside and made with the same attention to detail as indoor furniture.