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Anudando fibra a fibra, minuciosamente, como los pájaros Baya Weaver forman sus nidos, nace esta colección que evoca la tradición de envolver, atrapar y anudar las estructuras de cuerda que dieron origen a la firma hace 100 años. Sentarse, reclinarse en un sillón, tumbarse, mecerse, todo es posible en los más de 15 muebles con un sinfín de posibilidades de composición para crear espacios relajantes en el exterior. 

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Vicent Martínez

Apprentice fan painter and student at the School of Arts and Crafts in Valencia and at the Escola Massana in Barcelona. He has been product designer, entrepreneur, manufacturer and editor of furniture. He has been involved in institutions, as a teacher and promoter of design.

The moment when thought becomes an object gives goose bumps, then any projects are first and foremost ideas. Ideas are unreal until action inserts them into reality. The user is considered as a reference. Designing for a world where the quality of life of all people is better.