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The bedroom is an area to relax, private, which reflect our decorative taste and our personal style. Come to visit us, you will find cabinets, beds, mattresses, headboards, sofa, etc.. We will advise you at all times to find what you’re looking for.


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The NOTTE collection creates an elegant and sophisticated lifestyle, one that focuses on the importance of maximum comfort combined with an unsurpassable aesthetic style and the practicality offered by the small details and finishes of each of its pieces.



They anatomically adapt to your body shape, provide relief for your vertebrae, and hold it in its natural form. This is how you can enjoy a relaxing and reviving sleep night after night. The best conditions for a successful start to the day.


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The bedroom collection by Intermobel consists of modern nightstands and designer double beds. It has been created to complete a modern bedroom with charming design pieces.



Take note the two main reasons for choosing a bed; we spend a third of our lives in bed and the time we spend there determines how we feel for the rest of the day.



Countless combination options make this panoramic cabinet system so unique. You determine the attractive interior of the cabinets yourself to match your personal requirements.

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Lightning of the house is an aspect of primary importance in every interior project and Intermobel chooses to enhance it through a distinctive bespoke range of design lamps.

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