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Argo Outdoor sofas & lounges


Argo collection is inspired by the theme of the wooden box and shows a rigorous, clean and geometrical language. The collection is characterized by big lateral waistbands that contain the cushions and make the seat deep and cosy. To this play we intentionally added a sledge base in order to create a magical suspension of padding and of proportions. The collection is enriched by a padding with sculptural shape, whose peculiarity is an all-embracing intertwined volume. The abundant padded seats and the particular wood feet, perfectly dialogue with the other element of the collection.



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Modular sofa


The various combinations of the modular sofa, make the Argo the perfect product to decorate an ideal outdoor space. The theme of the wooden box, by which the collection is inspired, clearly appears in every possible combination, being highlighted by the innovative use of the Accoya wood in the structure. The deep and embracing seat is upholstered by carefully selected fabrics with removable and weather-resistant covers. Thanks to its characteristics, the sofa is perfect to decorate your outdoor locations.

argo sillon living

Living armchair


The Argo living armchair is the ideal piece of furniture to create elegant and natural combinations in your outdoor area. The seating cushions, with large and sculptural volumes, are enriched by the bold and consistent textures of the chosen fabrics, perfectly in line with the double braided rope weaving enveloping the backrest and the armrests.

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Dining table


The 220x110, 280×110 Argo dining table, with its spacious top allows to comfortably welcome up to 10 people in your outdoor area. Highly functional and durable, thanks to the usage of Accoya wood, this table is ideal for outdoor decor.

Furniture outdoor Intermobel Mallorca



Voluminous cushions and dense textures characterize the Argo sun bed. The fabric wrapping envelops the structure, supported by essential and linear legs made up of Accoya wood: you will feel floating in the air.
Ideal for outdoor relaxing moments, the used fabrics are perfectly weather-resistant.

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