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ever outdoor sofas & lounges

Ever Outdoor sofas & lounges


As the name suggests, Ever is the collection created by Christophe Pillet, who confirms his mastery of timeless elegance, specifically to win the relentless pursuit of trends, able to adapt to environments and eras while remaining true to itself. The essential lines, the roundness of the cushions make up elements of evergreen furniture that look to the future of outdoor living treasuring the great classics of the past. Streamlined compositions, and therefore versatile, in shapes and colors, oriented towards neutral shades inspired by the natural environment, an example par excellence of cyclicality and durability.



Christophe Pillet

ever 3 plazas


The Ever 3-seater sofa wins the relentless test of time, thanks to its minimal elegance, forward-looking design and durable materials. The soft lines, the roundness of the cushions and the essential composition, allow you to fit naturally in outdoor environments, adapting with skill to different styles and eras. The neutral color range in which it is available, gives the outdoor living an authentic and evergreen style.

3 seater sofa

ever sillon

Living Chair


The Armchair Living Ever is a celebration of refined simplicity. The clean lines of the solid wooden structure are combined with the round softness of the cushions, making the outdoor spaces comfortable and elegant at the same time. The range of neutral colors available for this armchair gives a touch of authentic naturalness and evergreen charm to the outdoor living.

mesa comedor ever 300x100

Dining table


The Ever dining table is the expression of a simple and timeless elegance. The perfect synergy between the minimal design and the naturalness of natural materials, gives an evergreen character to outdoor spaces. The durability of the materials is combined with the timeless aesthetic of this piece of furniture, enhancing the living room with a futuristic perspective.

mesa cafe ever

Coffe table D90


The Ever coffee table combines the lightness of the shapes with the solidity of the materials, without sacrificing elegance. These characteristics make it a versatile and iconic design element, adaptable to any outdoor environment and living area, which wishes to express an evergreen style.

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