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The flex lounger | Manutti

A sweet summer sky and a shower of sunlight: that’s when relaxation becomes truly divine – and even more so when you find yourself in our Flex Lounger. Light and elegant, yet sturdy enough for your windswept waterfront happenings: the Flex Lounger guarantees multiple years of memorable lounging moments.

The flex lounger | Manutti

Flex as in flexible

Whether your Flex Lounger ends up on an intimate or a grand terrace, its minimalist and ergonomic design is bound to elicit some admirative “oohs”. This fine, weather-resistant piece of technology features hinges in two places instead of one, and a reclining system (0°-58°) that you can easily operate while lying down.

The flex lounger

A dash of Italian spice

The Flex Lounger’s inimitable class wouldn’t have been possible without an infusion of genuine Italian talento. Its sleek curves originated in the Milanese and internationally acclaimed design studio Metrica. For the entire Flex collection, Metrica’s Lucio Quinzio Leonelli and Robin Rizzini struck a beautiful balance between traditional and modern elements. Bellissimo!

The flex lounger | Manutti


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