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Torsa, where design meets life

Design can be extremely powerful. So much so, it holds the ability to change our everyday experiences. The mere physical form of a table helps us to know how to use it. But that doesn’t mean creators can’t prioritise their own innovative thoughts and gut feelings in the design process. That’s exactly what Stephane De Winter did when he created the Torsa table collection: with its slender frame, it’s the very embodiment of sophistication.

Enjoy your garden centrepiece!

For Torsa, Stephane De Winter combined a sculpted wooden base with a variety of eye-popping ceramic table tops. The extensive range of heights and sizes can include both high dining and dining tables as well as a wide selection of coffee tables – perfect for nesting! Whether you want to wine and dine in style or indulge in a snuggly breakfast for two: our Torsa table turns any occasion into a moment to remember.

Anything but ordinary

Torsa’s sleek but robust ceramic tabletops are composed of sand, clay, and natural stone. They are available in many shades: from Travertine Geo, deep brown Emperador marble and Fossil, to Perla and Concrete. Or join in on the 'off-black' trend and opt for a Torsa tabletop with a black marble look. Designed to impress and optimise the comfort of everyday use, our ceramics are resistant to UV and wear and are colourfast and waterproof.

Torsa & Solid: a dazzling duo

The timeless design of the Torsa table offers a pure and unique feeling of luxury. This style icon is suitable for any outdoor interior. Combine with our elegant Solid chairs in natural teak or brushed teak nero. A feast for your eyes: Solid and Torsa are beautiful individually, but simply stunning together. Complete the picture with decorative cushions in terracotta or vanilla.


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