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By meticulously weaving each fibre together, just as the Baya Weaver birds build their nests, this collection evokes the tradition of wrapping, grabbing and knotting the rope structures from which the company was born 100 years ago. Sitting or reclining in an armchair, lying down, rocking… everything is possible with the more than 15 pieces of furniture offering an endless number of variations when it comes to create relaxing, outdoor spaces.

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Vicent Martínez

Apprentice fan painter and student at the School of Arts and Crafts in Valencia and at the Escola Massana in Barcelona. He has been product designer, entrepreneur, manufacturer and editor of furniture. He has been involved in institutions, as a teacher and promoter of design.

The moment when thought becomes an object gives goose bumps, then any projects are first and foremost ideas. Ideas are unreal until action inserts them into reality. The user is considered as a reference. Designing for a world where the quality of life of all people is better.